I Ship It: Luna Lovegood and James Potter are (Probably) a Real Life Couple

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Headcannon accepted! Harry Potter actors Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) and Robbie Jarvis (James Potter) are rumored to be dating in the muggle world. Yesterday, Evanna posted a photo of the pair for Robbie's 29th birthday, referring to him in the caption as a "little babe":The pair spends quite a bit of time together, doing activities that look an awful lot like date material:It's only a matter of time before Luna/James fanfiction becomes a thing, though I suppose there will have to be some time travel involved. Maybe Luna sees him in the Mirror of Erised and through the magic of non-canon imagination, he steps out to greet her. Though if Luna ends up with James, would Harry cease to exist? Be careful fic writers; with great power comes great responsibility.